Rate Build-up

  1. Labour costs:
    1. Daly rates to include for daily basic wage, travelling and meal allowances, allowances for hand tools and personal accessories, allowances for holidays with pay, MPF contribution, year end bonus, incentive payments, levies and insurances if not priced separately, etc.;
    2. Time to consider taking from stores, hoisting, lowering, placing, fixing and non-productive travelling and recess time, etc.
  2. Material costs:
    1. Rates to include for ex-factory costs, package, export transportation, transit insurance, customs clearance and duties, demurrage, off-site storage, local delivery, returning package, off-loading, etc.;
    2. Quantities to consider basic quantities, breakage, damage, theft, wastage (cutting, conversion), unmeasured laps, bulkage, consolidation, shrinkage, etc.
  3. Plant costs:
    1. Use of plant;
    2. Mobilization, relocation and demobilization, if not measured separately;
    3. Fuels and consumables;
    4. Maintenance and repair;
    5. Unavoidable idling time.
  4. Site overheads.
  5. Head Office Overheads.
  6. Profit.
  7. Tax if charged based on total price.
  8. Rates build-up applicable to measured work as well as preliminaries.

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